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The Ilam School of Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury was founded in 1882 as the Canterbury College School of Art. The school was the first department to move to the suburban Ilam site in 1957. The Ilam School of Fine Arts, provides a range of public spaces for the University of Canterbury to stage a diverse range of arts and cultural programmes through exhibitions, performances and events for the promotion, education and enjoyment of the arts by the university and the wider Canterbury communities.

The Ilam Campus Gallery is the main exhibition space at the University of Canterbury and is open 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday. It can be found in Block Two, at the Ilam School of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury.


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Student Series 2


Connie Dwyer, Christian Lamont, Jamie TeHeuheu


EXHIBITION OPENING 5pm thursday 15 august

Hīnātore was envisioned as an immersive gallery experience, grounded in the emotive resonance of light, and the physical/psychological experience of materiality. The exhibition is a study of light as both the subject, and the instrument of communicating emotion. Different approaches within the group show look to conjure spectrums of emotive experience, from awe and apprehension, to familiarity and reassurance. The evocative qualities of light transform the immediate space of the SoFA Gallery, by turn revealing and obscuring, reflecting and absorbing. In the darkened room, the illuminated pieces become points by which to navigate or orientate oneself. This line of enquiry stemmed from the practice of the late Bill Culbert, an Ilam School of Fine Arts alumnus renowned for his engagement with intrinsic qualities of light and reclaimed materials.

Connie Dwyer, Christian Lamont, and Jamie TeHeuheu are all fourth-year students studying towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Dwyer and TeHeuheu are majoring in Painting and Lamont in Film.

Image credit: Jamie TeHeuheu, Te Kore II (detail), acrylic on fabric, fluorescent light


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