Ilam Fables

Min-Young Her, Orissa Keane, Hannah Phillips, Alicia Skeaff



Ilam Fables is a collaborative exhibition centred around a set of original fables, illustrated through crafted objects and the treatment of the gallery itself as a tool and a material. As is characteristic of fables, Ilam Fables assesses the values of the actions and attitudes that surround us: from within the art school, and local art networks. At the same time, the show celebrates the whimsical and tactile potency of a trail of clues. These clues are offered to viewers in the form of ceramics, textiles, leadlights, sound and spatial interventions. Throughout Ilam Fables Keane, Phillips, Her and Skeaff foreground the show with generosity and the joy of making.

Min-Young Her, Orissa Keane, Hannah Phillips, and Alicia Skeaff are all fourth-year sculpture students studying towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts.